Seven (7) Best Low-capital Intensive Side Hustles for Government Workers.

Being a government worker in Ghana means your salary is almost insufficient to cover your expenses. We will discuss some Side Hustles for Government Workers that require very little capital in this article.

With the increasing rate of prices of goods and services in the country, it has become necessary to explore other alternate sources of income if you intend to survive the harsh economic conditions we face and ultimately create wealth.

These Side Hustles for Government Workers have been around for a while and aren’t anything new. They are as follows:

1. Mobile Breakfast and snacks Joint

Side Hustles for Government Workers

Depending on where you work and the nature of the rules in play, you can start this business with less than 500 cedis. more than 50% of government workers leave their households without having breakfast. That is a readily available market you can easily tap into.

If you manage to mount a mobile breakfast service for your colleagues at work you would not only be cashing out but solving an existing problem.

With time you can expand this service to other neighbouring workplaces.

2. Micro retailing ( Basic Household items)

Micro Retailing: Side Hustles for Government Workers

Selling household equipment to colleague workers is a huge investment. The average government worker spends most of his or her salary on household items so why allow them to go outside to give that money that belongs to you to a total stranger when you can bring those items to them?

Some items you can sell are Blenders, Rice cookers, Curtains, Bedsheets, etc.

You can start and grow this business with 2000 cedis and above but mind you this is one of the riskiest Side Hustles for Government Workers because it could easily fail when your suppliers fail to deliver quality products.

This is why it is important that you carefully source out a good supplier.

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3. Small scale farming

Small-scale farming can include keeping livestock. You can rear snails, grow mushrooms, and invest in crops that do not take long to mature like beans, lettuce, and others.

You need to be careful when choosing the right type of crops because foodstuffs like onions are often in high demand but might take a while to mature for harvesting.

Tomatoes are the best option in this case because it is included in almost every Ghanaian dish.

Again why allow your colleagues to get them from the market when you can bring them to their doorstep?

I know of people who took advantage of some bare land behind their places of work to grow crops that flourished even after they had left their places of work. For now, if you can’t afford to get land and grow crops then partner with a farmer or market woman and sell them with some extra profits. As a start.

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4. Mobile Money and Internet Data Business.

The Ghanaian Mobile Money Market is valued at $121.8 Billion. This is a huge market you have to tap into and requires a capital of less than 4000 cedis to start. You are guaranteed a growth of about 20% quarterly if you get the customers.

You can go into selling data with MTN’s group share services where you buy data in bulk and sell to colleagues at a reasonable price. All you need is a business certificate and other documentation to start this.

5. Equipment Rental and Leasing.

Look around you, and you will realise that there are certain tools and equipment needed to carry out tasks that your colleagues or workplace cannot afford or are unwilling to buy.

Just buy them and lease them out when they need it. You’d be surprised to know how equipment like mowers, cutlasses, and wheelbarrows are in such high demand once you start with this business.

6. Content Creation or Blogging.

Creating a YouTube channel dedicated to educating viewers especially if it is in line with your area of specialty is another way to create some extra cash. At work and in your free time you can explore this area to get some extra cash.

If you are a police you can take the time to educate your viewers on crime. Or if you are a teacher you can create a YouTube channel dedicated to the thing you teach and encourage your students to watch.

This is one of the Side Hustles for Government Workers that I find to be the most interesting.

7. Peer-to-Peer lending.

Side Hustles for Government Workers

If you have enough money sitting idle in your account then this would be ideal for you. Often your colleagues under financial stress seek soft loans. Unfortunately, they cannot go to the bank because their interest rates are too high.

In times like these, they may want to fall on you for help. With as little as 5% interest on your loan you could grow your wealth.

The advantage of this Side Hustle is that you know when they get paid so no excuses can be tolerated. The downside to this is when your debtors refuse to pay. It all depends on how you structure your terms and conditions.

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In conclusion, each government sector has rules governing it. Some may have stringent rules that prohibit selling on the side or during working hours. Others have rules that are quite flexible. In any case, you know your workplace better.

The amount of capital requirements may vary for each business therefore be measured and conduct the necessary research before starting any side hustle.

If you found this helpful then kindly share so others can benefit.