Abeiku Santana Blocks Delay on Twitter.

It is unclear what his motive for blocking Deloris Frimpong Manso on Twitter might but Delay is as clueless as we are.

Delay tweeted a screenshot of Abeiku Santana’s Twitter profile captioned “But I havenโ€™t done anything oo” which shows that she had been blocked by the Ace broadcast journalist.

Abeiku was recently in the news after a video recording of him singing his lungs out during Kwame Despsite’s birthday hit the internet. The journalist tried to handshake his employer (Despite) but ended up being snubbed which triggered a lot of Trolling from Netizens.

The awkwardness in the video made it so embarrassing.

Watch the Video Below:

It is unclear if his decision to go on a blocking spree stems from the fact that he has been the laughingstock in the social media space lately.

Check Out Delays Tweet Below.

Abeiku Santana Blocks Delay

It appears Delay isn’t the only one who was blocked. Another Twitter that goes by the username @iLatif has also been blocked by Abeiku Santana. Perhaps Delay’s block was a mistake.

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