Ghana’s Anti LGBTQ bill will undermine its Economy and Public Health – US spokesperson.

Ghana's Anti LGBTQ bill

The United States government has confirmed that it is deeply troubled by Ghana’s decision to pass anti-LGBTQ laws stressing that it is a threat to the constitutional freedom of the affected. Mathew Miller, who is the spokesperson for the US State Department spoke on behalf of his government. According to him, the new bill will … Read more

Gay Rights: Speaker of parliament criticises Kamala Harris’s remarks on LGBTQ rights as undemocratic.

US Vice-President Kamala Harris’s remarks on LGBTQ rights while in Ghana have been criticised as “undemocratic” by the country’s Speaker. Speaker of Parliament cautions Nana Addo against intervening in the passing of anti-gay rights bill. The US vice president Kamala Harris was in Ghana and during her visit, she made some remarks on LGBTQ rights … Read more