Archipalago lambasts Hajia Bintu for marketing ‘juju’ online.

Musician Archipalago has expressed utter disgust at TikToker Hajia Bintu for sharing ideas on how ladies could attract. snatch and keep sugar daddies and husbands.

In a video she shared online, she is seen marketing a product she believes has the power to control men when women use it on their foreheads and other parts of their bodies.

Some of these products were labelled “Fuck and Stay,” “Do As I Want,” “Love and Stay,” etc., and all these, according to her, would help ladies get what they wanted from men after manipulating them.

Archipalago tears Hajia Bintu for marketing charm products to ladies

This has not only angered many Ghanaians who believe Hajia Bintu is a bad influence but also rubbed Archipalago the wrong way, who has descended heavily on her.

According to him, Hajia Bintu must not be allowed to initiate young ladies into whoredom under the guise of selling charm products to ladies.

Check out the video below…